Be spontaneous. Be bold. Embrace the unknown.
Let us plan your getaway. The catch? Your destination is a surprise.

Here's how it works:

Book your trip

First, choose your holiday style

Anywhr Surprise Travel Adventure
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Choose from an Adventure, Getaway, or Experience. 

A location close to adrenaline, chill out, or local culture - your choice. It all depends on your travel style, so follow your heart.

Second, answer a few quick questions

We'll need to know: 

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After you checkout, sit back and relax while our meticulous trip experts work their magic and plan your trip based on the information that you have provided us.

3 Days Later

You'll receive a Teaser email containing: 


Location and Time for Departure
(Changi Airport, Terminal 2, 10am)


Weather forecast of your destination
(Sunny, 31 degrees celsius)

Packing Tips.png

Packing Tips
(Raincoats, Swimwear, Suntan Lotion)

1 Week before flight

Check your mailbox for Anywhr Mail. But DON'T OPEN IT yet! Unless you want to spoil the surprise. ;)
Open it only on your date of departure. Your mail contains: 

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At the airport

Open your Anywhr Mail to reveal your destination and #GOANYWHR!

Got more questions? Feel free to reach out, or check our FAQ

If not, what's holding you back?